Aide Shengzhou foreign language school is a twelve year school, according to the provincial level key middle school, the school has a computer center, physical experiment center, service center, campus video communication center, library, modern educational facilities Goods are available in all varieties. The school has 84 teaching classes, more than 4000 students, more than 300 teachers, with middle and senior professional titles accounted for 53.6%. Foreign language school named after school, aims to reflect its characteristics, in the comprehensive development of the basis of foreign language teaching as a special subject in order to adapt to the requirements of the contemporary international.


Brand connotation


With a smile badge for the design ideas about their education, to integrate graphic logo. The entire graph with three smiley face is composed of a group of people together hand in hand, smiling expression of school education, embodies the "three of us are walking together, there must be my teacher" also reflected Confucius "Germany is not alone, there must be neighbors meaning. At the same time, the whole picture is like the silhouette of the side of the book, which means the attribute of the school teaching and learning.






VI application design


Smile education is personality, happiness, confidence, harmony, the situation of education, but also Confucius "know the person who is not as good as the good, good person is not the best music" of the best interpretation. Each growing child is not the same individual, as the horizon of the rainbow, colorful. Every smile, is silent praise, is heartfelt happy, is the rainbow bridge of difficulties and hardships, Difficulty is the nurse of greatness. Every smile is confident and calm, like a rainbow to bring the children hope and the future. Smile is the heart and heart of a harmonious exchange, just like the rainbow colorful chords, to bring the children moved, quiet and beautiful.


Commercial space design

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