Lvjia group since its inception in 1999, has been adhering to the "people make cars, make the world" spirit of enterprise, adhere to the "gratitude, tolerance and inheritance" "family culture" as the core culture, let Lvjia in just a few years has been rapid development. Products covering luxury electric motorcycle, electric bicycle, electric tricycle, through the European Union CE, China CCC and a series of certification. Green company in 2010 to look around the world, the establishment of green best import and Export Co., Ltd., the rapid occupation of the international market, the rapid increase in overseas sales. With the economic globalization, the future of the best green plans in Southeast Asia and other places to establish overseas production base, so that green better go out of the country, to the world. Green beauty has been a dream, this dream is: "let Lvjia become the new energy vehicles in the field of global brand".The three ink brand to Lvjia vehicle industry, grasp the electric metal and a sense of movement and fashion sense characteristics, mining industry and the future of the sense of science and technology, to create a new experience of Lvjia individuation, internationalization, brand differentiation and space.

绿佳集团自1999年成立以来,一直秉承着“做人、做车、做天下”的企业精神,持以“感恩、包容、传承”的“家”文化为企业核心文化,让绿佳在短短的十几年中得到高速发展。产品覆盖豪华电动摩托车、电动自行车、电动三轮车,通过欧盟CE、中国CCC等一系列认证。2010年绿佳公司放眼全球,成立绿佳进出口有限公司,迅速占领国际市场,在海外销量高速递增。随着经济日益全球化,未来绿佳计划在东南亚等地建立海外生产基地,让绿佳走出国门,走向世界。绿佳人一直有个梦,这个梦就是:“让绿佳成为新能源交通工具领域的全球品牌”。 三墨品牌携手绿佳车业,把握其电动车的金属感、运动感、时尚感特色,挖掘行业的科技感与未来感,打造绿佳个性化、国际化、差异化品牌与空间新体验。


品牌故事 (节选)

Tell a family to pursue art, doing business with do a hundred years old spirit.Green Jia with the spirit of the craftsman to write a miracle of China's electric car industry, the brotherhood of each product to become a model for the industry.The injection of Jiangxin cultural team and allow enterprises to cultivate excellent quality products, new power to Lvjia infinite vitality.Craftsman spirit originated in China, the national culture in the green better be given a new vitality, it will bring the world's classic and dynamic Chinese national brand.


Tenon shape is like electric cars gear, chain, combination,Like Lvjia brothers Tongli together, help file.
Tenon is a kind of artisan spirit:Carefully crafted, It's perfection itself. pursuit; selfless, single-minded, persevere in faith.Green from the parts mix,
material selection, structural technology, is rigorous, realistic and innovative.


BRAND VI applications



品牌 SI 应用

Extraction of diamond space design elements from the LOGO, expand the use of elements, extended to the space design, such as the cashier background wall, combined with the brand story wooden structure simple tightly buckle into diamond, since reflect the shape features, and can express the corporate culture (culture, family culture, brothers) meaning a craftsman the spirit of originality, making the classical tradition, highlighting the electric car industry focus. The whole space design using diamond, such as diamond ceiling molding, diamond plane display space layout, diamond head shape, diamond set checkout, diamond design, LOGO stainless steel embossing platform, and bump the wall diamond shape diamond light box display settings, change the LOGO ground arrow line indicator, break the conventional display design style, reflect the new design ideas. Display settings, display shelves into furnishings, wall plants, the expression of advertisements on the walls and the main body, enrich the whole space display function and atmosphere. Gray spaces are discussion area and the checkout area, divided into back, white space is the demonstration area, summed up front, obvious regional change. Black and white gray color and specular and transparent acrylic material using the price card, environmentally friendly and can make the whole room looks simple yet modern sense.


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