The Sanmo Design Institute has a team of highly educated and highly qualified personnel. The team members are young and full of vigor, innovative and brave enough to meet the challenges. They jointly promise and share responsibility. They are passionate, energetic, ideal, and ambitious. The three ink people are a group of people who have ideas, want to develop, and practice. They are passionate, but rich in foundation; they are infinitely energetic and equally tolerant of loneliness; they have ideals, not fantasy, ambitions, but not impetuous; they have unlimited creativity and reject mediocrity. Here, they complement each other and don't have to worry about the implementation of their ideas limited to their ability; here, each of their ideas will get the team's pertinent opinions, and eventually become perfect; here, they are together, there is no high, Only confidantes are accompanied; here, their work is affirmed and deserved, and there must be a reward... Here, they are living! So why not be happy?



中国策划学创始人   中国创意研究院院长


The strategic alliance company of Sanmo Culture Creative Design Institute Co., Ltd. has China Creative Research Institute, Pepa French Culture and Art Association, equipped with international and domestic optimized resources to provide brand services; and uniquely created the Institute of Chinese Studies, and gathered more than ten professors of Chinese studies. Focusing on the in-depth planning and internationalization of national culture in the national brand, we will hold a strategic consulting salon for the Sanmo brand Wenchuang on a regular basis to realize the “internationalization of national brands”.
三墨文化创意设计院有限公司战略联盟公司有中国创意研究院,pepa法国文化艺术协会,以国际和国内的最优化资源配备品牌服务;并独创三墨国学研究院,汇聚国学研究教授十余人,专注国学文化于民族品牌的深度策划和国际化研究, 定期为三墨品牌文创举行战略咨询沙龙,实现“助力民族品牌国际化” 。

The China Creative Institute is a team of experts led by Professor Chen Fang. After more than ten years of creative industry research, theoretical summarization and summary, and market actual combat, the company has established a joint effort with many domestic and foreign intellectual organizations to promote the development of domestic creative industries and strategic upgrades. Theories, research on creative techniques, talent development, project planning, and practical research institutions.
China Creative Research Institute's business involves tourism planning, urban brand and marketing, corporate marketing planning, corporate management consulting, cultural archaeology and cultural project planning, tourism investment and financing, tourism scenic area management, real estate planning and other services.

The China Creative Research Institute was established with the support of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, China Youth Travel Group, Tsinghua University, Peking University and other relevant departments. There are American marketing master Dr. Kotler, European marketing father Shadell, and international human resources. Resource master Alan Ketchell, former Vietnamese Deputy Prime Minister Qi Gongdan and former UN Deputy Secretary Maurice Strong have supported. At present, there are 18 branches and bases in China, with more than 800 professionals, expert consultants and partners.
中国创意研究院,在国家人力资源和社会保障部、中青旅集团、清华大学、北京大学等有关部门的大力支持下成立,有美国营销大师科特勒博士、欧洲营销之父夏代尔教授、国际人力资源大师艾伦•凯契尔、越南前副总理阮功丹、前联合国副秘书莫里斯•斯特朗等鼎力支持。目前在国内有 18 个分院及基地,专业人士、专家顾问、合伙人 800 多人。

We are committed to accelerating cross-cultural dialogue, communication and integration around the world, promoting green sustainable cultural development and promoting the sharing of the Chinese cultural world. All efforts are aimed at realizing the community of human destiny and creating a multi-harmonious world of harmonious development. We especially engage in cross-cultural dialogue, exchange and integration: creating a platform for intercultural dialogue and exchange of various forms and models to promote mutual understanding between different ethnic groups and cultures. Respect and actively promote cultural sharing and coordinated development under dialogue and communication, and continue to build consensus and initiate joint actions in multicultural exchanges, accelerate the integration of multiculturalism, and push the world to a more peaceful future, ultimately achieving humanity. The goal of the community of destiny.

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