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The traveler has no boundaries and the culture is unbounded. The Somemore people have been exploring the brand's in-depth planning for 13 years. They are standing in the multi-cultural period of multi-crossing. The Somemore Design Institute shoulders the responsibility of the brand ferry and keeps working hard. Customized the whole case strategy of Chinese culture and international vision for Chinese local brands. Somemore people follow this design philosophy, with keen market insight, elite design team, and tireless design spirit to work together with the brands, and go forward together to create a broad and cultural drive.


Multimedia: Combine with contemporary technology and multimedia means, introduce self-media and sound, light and electricity to achieve a comprehensive all-in-one deep planning strategy to help enterprises achieve unique output of brand image. Multi-disciplinary communication has allowed cultural and technological integration to become an accelerator for brand building.


  • 兼容并蓄 
  • 经典再生
  • 时代先锋

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